How to count rigid bodies entering a hitbox?

Hello Everyone,

I am working on an interactive project and I need to figure out how to keep score when a cannon ball hits the target.

Right now when the cannon is tilted up high enough …

  • it triggers a hit box
  • spawns a particle
  • which is converted to a rigid body “clone to particles” system
  • then a force affector shoots the rigid body towards the target.

Is it possible to trigger a hit box with rigid bodies? If not, is there another way to do this?


Hit Box Counter_Rigid Bodies.dfx (299.4 KB)

There’s a little trick to this - the geometry can’t be detected directly because clones exist in their own world, but there is a work around.

Take the cloners, and combine them to a single mesh (and hide this mesh), then use it for particle emission. Then set the particles to follow the parent mesh, and convert the particles to a transform array. lastly, transform array to the hotzone, and add a bounding box for where you want the particles to go.

I’ve attached your scene with this solution.
Hit Box Counter_Rigid Bodies_b.dfx (316.4 KB)

– Ryan

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