Hieracy visualizzation

so I’m following 002: Advanced Video Processing tutorial.
when it arrive mix between glow and Edge Detection.
(4:13 min of the video)

In Out I see only Edge Detection and not mix of two

Is it a bug with hieracy? or I’m doing something wrong?


I suspect what is happening is one image2d (edge effect) is drawing on top of the other image2d with full opacity for some reason. Unless you treat the top layer(edge detect) with some sort of thing to the alpha channel to make it not full white, you will only see the other effect. I thought the edge detect would create an alpha channel to only show the edges. Try “Preview Alpha in Viewport” on the Edge Detect null object.

What I did notice that was different in your patch from the video is the source is not connected to the Root. I’m not sure if that will fix your issue, but it’s worth a try.

I hope that helps