Greyscale representations of the convex/concave areas


Is there any way to do a Curvature map?


Maybe… I’m not sure how curvature maps are generated in other tools, but there might be a way to rig together some nodes which make the same effect. but in terms of built in tools, we don’t generate curvature maps at present. You’ll probably need to take it into another tool which can generate that stuff and import those maps back.

– Ryan

Thanks, Ryan,
Been thinking about render to texture combine with a projection cam and a light source/ray casting, will try it out tomorrow i my head there seem to be some cool options there, could break the map up with noise and use sound to drive it :slight_smile:

hi, quick test with render to texture…well it’s more a “cavity map” :slight_smile:


Hey Adrien, really cool have been playing around with it to now running out some big abstract ABC files with animation from Houdini. Looking forward to seeing how the technic will behave on abstract moving material

All the best


Love this with still models been trying out moving mesh with UV as ABC can’t really get to work?

Also when ticking of creating UV in the procedural system should it not be able to work?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Found a way to build a tool/ idea in Houdini now it works animated uv :slight_smile: