Iridescent material?

Hey folks! I’m trying to make a material for a soap bubble. I have the lighting and environment mapping looking pretty bubble-like, but I can’t figure out how to use an iridescence image to the specular color. Unfortunately, linking an image directly into the specular color connection does nothing. Some rainbow reflections are all it needs to look great! Any ideas?

Did you apply it to the specular colour input or the specular map? The specular Map should work fine, specular colour only expects an RGBA value, so I’m not sure why it wouldnt work with an image.

– Ryan

Did you have any luck with specular maps? I’ve been trying to do a similar thing and I’m faking it by doing the following:

*Set up the shape and material on a Render Layer Root, blend mode is Additive
*Material - Specular Intensity 2, Specularity 4, Alpha Mode is Transparent
*Add a Recolour node to the Render Layer Root and pipe in an image of a thin film spectrum (I cropped this image). Play with Input Scale and Offset on the Recolour.

Not the most realistic but it works in a pinch. If anyone else knows of a better method let me know!