Gold_Fish - Cloners and Path tracer


<< DFX download >>

Here is a small R&D project, made with Cloner and PathTracer.
it is a very simple setup with some spheres, toruses, deformers, decent path traced lighting, and modifiers running the animation.

Please feel free to download the DFX above.

Sneak peak to progression from general setup to lighting, texturing and nodegraph:

If you are new to Notch and would like to learn a bit more about Cloning, check out this video:

If you have any questions about this rig, drop a comment, lets talk :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Armin, why did you choose to use the CPU denoiser?
Ah the few times I used denoiser I used the GPU one and did not like it now I see the much better result
running the CPU denoiser strange, Redshift in Houdini I love the GPU denoiser there, are they implemented differently?

Thank you for this! Very cool!

Full Screen Antialiasing makes the reflections really soft when using NVidia denoiser , should these be avoided being used together, or is there something else to be aware of?