Front plate reflections

Hi all, I have a virtual environment with screens playing video connected to the root node. I have a 3D model of a car connected to a separate render layer to act as a front plate. Is it possible for the render layer object to reflect what’s connected to the root node? I did see a similar thread with a suggestion to save an image texture, but I’d like moving video to be reflected. Is this possible?


One way to do this would be to add a 360 camera to the layer with your video content.

Then use a layer precomp to render that output into a video null, which is then piped through an environment image into screen spaced reflections.

You’ll then get the video content reflecting on your meshes.

See the dfx attached (add your own video to it)


ReflectionsViaLayerPrecomp.dfx (76.9 KB)


Thanks Will, I’ll give it a shot! Appreciate the help.