Frame delay/Frame Feedback

I am currently trying to workout the best solution to workout between current frame and previous frame.

The Process I am trying to achieve is a movement detector for example if someone is stood completely still in front of a depth camera (Kinect) there should be nothing happening the difference between current frame and the previous frame is nothing . But as soon as movement happens then stuff come to life from movement the difference in frames should be high. Trying to build a system that can detect between 0 and 1, or a float value.

I am looking at frame delay and frame feedback but just not fully understanding how they work or how they are meant to be connected if anyone is willing to give some advice or help this would be very appreciated.

I dont think either of those are the right node.

Frame feedback is for blending frames together, taking the new frame and blending it with the frames that came before.

Frame delay just delays the video signal coming in by a number of frames, which could be useful, but there is an easier solution.

I would use a frame difference node, which subtracts the current frame from previous frames, resulting in showing where the image has changed. A video sampler could then sample this image, with a reasonable threshold for detection (can never truly be rid of noise).

– Ryan