[FR] Physarum transportation network affector for the particle system


After looking at this video: Coding Adventure: Ant and Slime Simulations - YouTube and diving into the rabbit hole (GitHub - fogleman/physarum: Physarum polycephalum slime mold simulation), I started thinking that this should be possible to implement in 3D as well. Sure enough, this has been developed for Unity by someone in the community GitHub - Barbelot/Physarum3D: 3D implementation of the Physarum Transport Networks in Unity. Would it be possible to implement this for Notch as well? Then in the context of the particle system.

That’s super neat! I’ve watched a load of his videos before but somehow missed that one. I’ll talk to the dev team about what can be done there, but I don’t think it would be looked at any time soon. You might be able to get some of the behavior with the flocking affector and the object distance field affector, but it would be a tricky setup.

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