Creating grass simulation in notch


Is there some who could point in direction how I could simulate grass (probably using particles) with blowing wind in notch?

Hi, Normunds.

One possible solution is to use a Mesh emitter (with positive normal direction velocity) + Trail Renderer (Extruded geo mode with Number of radial segments set to 2 ) + Turbulence Affector combo. However, Notch can’t yet pre-roll (i.e. pre-grow) particle trails, so your grass will have to grow in real time. Furthermore, you can’t have full control over the shape of the grass blades - trail width can only fade from head to tail and not vise-versa. ;). But I think things will improve with each new release. Stay tuned! :wink:


In some project I made a coral reef with polyps waving with water stream, I do that with hexagonal sphere witch I displace Y axis with deformer then cloned and effected by curlly etc. color was from image cloner. I don’t how big plane of grass and detail You want because this way You can kill GPU i think. But try :slight_smile: