Fisheye Dome Transitions

I have two Notch blocks using a fisheye camera that I’m placing onto the inside of a dome. I’m building another notch project that is going to act as a transition effect between these two scenes, and because it will be in the dome, the transition project needs to be fisheye as well. But how can I do this without double fisheye-ing the scenes I want to transition to and from (one fisheye from the original scene, one fisheye from the transition scene)?

Was originally going to plug in the fisheye content from a notch block into another notch project that used a regular camera, but when thrown into the dome that doesn’t work right because the effects I’m trying to transition with are not in fisheye, just the original content from the Notch block.

Sorry if this is confusing, I am also confused. Any ideas appreciated, thanks!

Hey, This sounds pretty tricky to visualise. could you send the dfx into

I would also suggest using multiple notch blocks is a bad idea - it involves running the whole notch engine twice and is much less efficient, so I would avoid using that if possible.