[Feature Request]: GPU-accelerated MP4 Import/Use

Would be great if Notch would support MP4 import video (with GPU accelerated decompression).

Especially with very long files or in the testing phase, especially with client exchange it would help a lot to use MP4s instantly.

Maybe make this only accessibly with a special option, but overall Notch users are experienced enough to optimize these videos into NotchLC when the production comes close to an end (or if it is necessary at all)…

This would save a lot of HDD space and time while experimenting… Thanks a lot!

We do support MP4 natively. Or to be precise: we support h264 video (MP4 is just a container, it can contain anything, though h264 video is the most common).

MP4 files are transcoded to exactly what you want on import: a GPU accelerated video that Notch can play back and do consistent scrubbing in (NotchLC, since MP4 is not a scrubbable format).

Ok, I of course mean MP4 without transcode… but I understand the objection with being scrubbable…