[Feature Request] Colour Wheel: prevent black -> white reset / add saturation slider

The colour wheel’s hue + saturation gets reset when the value slider reaches zero (not when it reaches 255, however): https://www.dropbox.com/s/tih4a7g15c5js05/natchos_001%20-%20Notch%20Builder%202020-08-22%2014-04-46.mp4?dl=0

This does not occur in HSV tools with Adobe or Maxon products: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kbn14wvnhtcftdp/Adobe%20Photoshop%202020%202020-08-22%2014-13-05.mp4?dl=0


It’s a nightmare to find the perfect hue and then have it reset/lost, at least from an artist’s perspective. But I kind of understand why this is happening; it’s really difficult to find the “perfect white” in the colour wheel. Which leads me to the bigger point of this whole topic…

In Notch’s current colour wheel implementation, saturation selection accuracy is exactly half of value selection accuracy, pixel for pixel. Hue selection accuracy, on the other hand, is brilliant. (Ha, colour jokes.) I suppose this is just the nature of colour wheels. To resolve this, and avoid having to have a reset function altogether, it would be stellar to add a saturation slider in addition to RGBA + Value sliders. Plenty of panel real estate below RGBA properties for that, and gives freedom back to the artist to find the perfect colour.

And while we’re on it, if we’re getting RGB/HEX values from clients, would be lovely to be able to type them in to the RGB fields. Saves a bit on click and drag there. Cheers.

Hey Dylan,

Thanks for the feedback – we’re aware of the issue you mention (it’s actually a personal pet peeve of mine), and several other areas of improvement to the color picking and other color tools. These are actually going to be addressed in a future release which is highly UX/UI focused. That release is still a while away, but I wanted to let you know that we know about this.

Some of the things you bring up might be addressed in minor patch releases leading up to a bigger overhaul, but I cannot give you any guarantees. I hope you’re okay with working around some of the rough edges for now. :slight_smile:

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