Colour Ramp problem

Hi all,

Can you explain me why i don’ t have access to the Colour 2,3… ?


The colour ramp node is going under close review for the next release, so issues like this are going to be ironed out then. In the mean time, what’s the use case that you need the extra properties for?

– Ryan

Thanks for your response Ryan,
By restarting my project the 4 RGB colors reappeared, so everything is fine.

I try to recover the camaieu of an image, do you have an idea to do this ?


I’m not sure I follow the question, I think you want to take a video and make it monochromatic. Easy way to do this is to take a colour correction and drop the saturation to 0, then add a tint node and tint the greyscale image to whatever colour of your choosing.

If I’m off base there - upload a picture of what your trying to get to and I’ll give the best advice I can :slight_smile: