Colour Ramp max colours

Hey hi hello,

Is there any workaround to have a ramp with more than 16 colours? I want to create an angular gradient wih a lot of colours in it, but since the ramp is limited to 16 I can’t figure out how to do it

Here’s a reference of what I’m going for

I think this effect is done by layering a couple of angular gradients on top of each other - note the light blue in the background is less often and slightly offset. ignore that, and its the same 4 colours which repeat with a white separator. I reckon this is easily doable as things stand with a recolour node adjusting the scale.

That all said, more options on the colour ramp is worth looking into, I’ll talk to the team.

– Ryan

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Yeah I think layering them is the best solution!

Another thing, it seems like the angular gradient is sharper in the centre than at the edges when using a colour ramp with the texture mode set to individual colours.

Look at the cuts between white/blue and blue/green in this picture. Gradient resolution in this pic is 1920x1080

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