Exposing TUIO data input

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a project which utilises a TUIO input node and I need to expose the data input to utilise the notch block in my media servers.

As far as I understand, exposure of the actual coordinate data that go into the TUIO node is possible but there seems to be no option to also expose the correlating touch point ID. Therefore it seems like I can send coordinates into notch but not communicate which input point those coordinates belong to.

Is it possible to achive what I wanna do or is that a limitation of notch? Any other way to expose the full array or expose the option to just feed the whole TUIO message would of course also be possible and appreciated.

To clarify - are you trying to send the data from TUIO Notch to the media server, or send the TUIO data through the media server into Notch?

I’m not sure we can send Array data bak to the media server, but you should use an Exposable Array node to send the data into Notch.

– Ryan

Thanks for the fast reply, Ryan! We only need the data from server into notch, so the array seems like the way to go. I’ll try that.


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Hi Ryan,

I finally managed to have a look at the exposable arrays but am still not sure how to get them working. For multitouch input TUIO has the unique ID for each recognised input. If I understand correctly, the exposed array is missing that parameter. So how do I feed in the multitouch data and make them distinguable?