We need arduino compatibility

we Need a Firmata node with all the inputs/outputs exposed for interact with Arduino. We, instAllation artists need this, and opens Notch to the outside world.

For example, how it’s implemented in touchdesigner, u decide how the pin behave (input/output, analog/digital) and plug your stuff in the inputs/outputs:

Hey there — currently no plans to implement this directly in Notch. As you point out, this is one of those clear use-cases for TouchDesigner (which can be connected to Notch via OSC or other protocols).

Oh, it will be so nice. Well, thank you any way.

The problem is that everything “would be nice”, and we have to choose which areas to focus on. Somewhat arbitrary external systems are not a focus point for us, since there are so many existing solutions for this that deal with them already. :slight_smile: