Export standalone appliaction without settins window

Hi I’m trying to launch a standalone Notch application without the settings window popping up once I launch the application in windows.

In Notch I went to Project–>Settings–>Exported App and unchecked ‘Show setup dialog’. I also went into the rendering tab where I set my aspect ratio to my project resolution. I’ve tried with many different resolutions (19201080, 19201200 which is my actual screen resolution, 1280720, 10801920 with my screen in portrait mode) and tried with all the output resizing settings. But when the ‘Show setup dialog’ box is unchecked I consistently get a small window in the top left of my screen (that is smaller than 1280*720, it actually seems to be in a 4:3 aspect ratio.

I’m on a PLE license with the 0.9.20 build

How could I get my project to be fullscreen without the dialog popping up?

Hey Alexandre,

When you launch standalone without dialog, it will just use default settings. If you want to change those default parameters, launch the standalone app from the command line with the following parameters :

+nosetup 1 +windowed 0

You can read about more options from our manual page on the topic.