Execute child node

I have issues using ‘execute child node’ with a nested connection (see attached image) which makes it difficult to implement ‘osc switches’ depending on desired functionality.
Is there a different way?

notch issue

The execute child node hasn’t be designed to support that kind of connection yet. in this case, you can either change the blend amount parameter on the deformer, or use the select child node to switch between different shapes with it either enabled or disabled.

– Ryan

ok, thanks Ryan.
Leaving blend amount to ‘0’ doesn’t add any performance overhead then?

It probably does, but its so small as to not be not even measurable. in other words, if you are cutting corners here, you have made mistakes elsewhere,

– Ryan

ok -

Ie. the mirror deformer has a ‘blend amount’ pin to connect to. But in the inspector that option does not appear. Sending values via osc (or other data source) doesn’t do anything. It just stays fully visible no matter what.
Is that normal?

notch issue2

Ah - that’s probably a mistaken property. because the mirror deformer changes the actual topology of the mesh, you cant really blend it on and off. same with the animation rate i think - I’ll make a note to the dev team to look into cleaning these up. cheers.

– Ryan