Embedded markers to native markers


How feasible would it be to be able to import embedded markers from video or audio files and convert them into native markers in Notch?

Apprecaite that might be quite an open-ended question. I know that I can make use of embedded markers in video or audio (wav, aac etc.) between Adobe apps though guessing that’ll be something native to them, but you can also convert timelines between Premiere Pro and Final Cut by way of XML files,

So just wondering how possible a feature it could be for the future… perhaps to convert just an XML or CSV into native markers would be very very useful for example in theatre work.

Current project I’m on has about 50-70 cues per 5 minute section that create choreographed interactions between performers and screens/fixtures, it’s an hour long show so lots of cues!

Hey Jamie,

No plans currently on importing embedded markers from other softwares - but i’ll definitely put in a feature request for you.

I can see how these would be useful for most projects.


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