Directional Light Node: No shadow support?

Hi, guys.
I’ve been wondering if the Directional Light node is supposed to support shadows at all.
The shadow controls are all there but they seem useless. Anyone has the same problem?
Thank you.


As far as I understand, only spot lights will give you shadows. All other light source types do not work with shadows.

Directional lights don’t cast shadows, no.
Point lights do cast shadows too - but spots are the most efficient.

Hi, Kevin.
In fact, it’s not that bad. Area lights also support shadows. However, in my opinion, directional lights are way more handier
than any other light type when it comes to baking shadows for big scenes. However, I think there’re plans for the shadow support,
because otherwise the devs would’ve removed the shadow controls from the Directional Light’s attributes page. I suggest we keep
our fingers crossed :wink:

That’s right, thanks for the reminder on other shadow compatible lights. Will need to revisit that