Different texture per Chunk?

Is there a way to apply a Material to an Object and use different Textures (Video Loader) per Chunk? Like a Multi-ID-Material with Random ID per Element/Chunk…

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Not currently, we usually recommend breaking up materials in another tool before import - is there a reason this isn’t possible?



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Hi Ryan, main problem of course is: pre-breaking also breaks the procedural workflow…

And since Material IDs (from 3ds max) don’t seem to work, you recommend breaking one mesh into single objects per Material? This means all deformations need to be applied to each of these - since “Combine Geometry” wipes out the separate materials… Please feel free to give some workflow recommendation, thanks!

have you tried “multi sub object” material with max ? you can assign multiple materials on a mesh (face selection). Would you have a screenshot of what you’d like to do?



Ah, thanks a lot Adrien! Good to know that the Material is necessary on the object in 3ds max before exporting! Just using Material IDs on the mesh is not enough.

But it only seems to work in FBX, but not with OBJs… Sadly it is not possible to upload OBJs/ZIPs for you to check.

in theory, it’s possible to have more than one material for an object in .Obj, but 3Dsmax doesn’t seem to manage it.
It seems to me that Blender can export multiple mat per mesh in OBJ.

The OBJ has multiple materials, which also show when reimporting into 3ds max. Notch can’t detect it… sadly I can not attach the file, will send you the file via email.