Condition Modifier: Threshold range

Hey Folks -

Wondering if it is possible to give a range of values as the threshold for the Condition Modifier. So rather than looking for one number - it looks at a range.

Any ideas on how to implement this?


The condition modifier takes in a single value, and simply tests whether that value is above, below, or equal to a threshold value. What would a range of threshold values look like? are you looking for a more gradual increase from 0-1?

– Ryan

Hey Ryan -

I understand the condition modifier and how the threshold is being used. What I am after is to see if that threshold can be a range of values to check against.

I am receiving OSC values that are spitting out numbers that would be the input. Essentially rather than inputting a single value like (1) to check against, I would be interested input a range like (.5 - 1).

Is that possible with this function? It is almost like the proximity modifier, as it would be looking for a range. But a range of numbers and not a range within the 3d scene.


Ah, I think I see what you mean - you want to input e.g 10 values, and use one node to check if any one of the nodes triggers the condition. Right now that isn’t possible in one node, you would need to have a condition for each input, and then another node to compare them all and see if any of them have triggered the condition.

I’ve got a few ideas for what we could do in future though, I’ll chat to the dev team about it.

– Ryan