Switch statement - if value = X then do Y

Is it possible with condition modifiers to setup a multipart switch statement?

Or write an expression with if > else

I’d like to check a value and have different items be toggled on depending on the value - it’s for a clock where depending on which hour it currently is a different item will be shown.

Thanks in advance

You could use Extractor in combination with a Condition Modifier

The Expression Modifier…

You don’t need to write the IF, so for example Value0=Value1 will just check to see IF this is true and then output a value (“1”) when it is true. Into an envelope to rescale it as a constant new value, or into a Smooth Env. Mod for a smooth switch maybe.

Condition Mod also useful but I find the Expression Mod pretty versatile

Here’s a fun example, to know if your value is currently increasing or decreasing: pipe it into Value0 and into a delay mod set to a really short time, pipe the delayed value into Value1

Now Value0>Value1 will tell you if the value is going up…

And so on