Camera information (not position) from Cinema 4D

Screenshot 2021-11-25 165907

Looking to get this information properly into I guess the Zoom and Offset Y parameters in Notch, it’s for a projection-mapping job (sadly not one that uses a 3D model in a media server, just rendering out of Notch for this one).

I saw a previous post about the offset values but it didn’t seem to help me sadly.

Is there a bunch of calculations available to translate these values?


Film offset is basically the same, its a percentage so it goes into notch as -0.26

FOV… As I recall, use copy the FOV horizontal, and then enable FOV Y and FOV Y as X in Notch, paste in the fov horizontal, and it will match.

– Ryan

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100% Ryan as usual, thank you! I’ll post some stills/renders and of course the actual show next week, delivery is Monday.
Thanks again!