3wall-projection with render to texture

Hi there!
I have a project with 3 projectors - for 3 walls with 1 main view - so I used the render to texture method.
My only issue with it is that I have to turn on the emissiveness of the walls, otherwise the walls are not visible, what am I doing wrong? I could live with it, but I suppose it is not normal.
many thanks for your time…
(attached a screenshot and a test file)

projectionSetup.dfx (108.0 KB)

This is probably because the reprojected surfaces are still surfaces in a 3d scene, so they need light to be seen.

Raising the emissiveness is a fine way to deal with this, you could also just mark the materials as unlit too to get the same effect. I wouldn’t say one is more normal than the other, the outcome is exactly the same. I suppose unlit it technically more appropriate, but again, it’s basically the same so I wouldn’t get worried about redoing anything at the last minute.

– Ryan


Thanks, I will go with the unlit option