4 walls best setup

Hi everybody! I would like some advise from you guys to get best results for a room/4 walls project.

I did it using just one layer with a 360 camera , equirectangular projection and render to texture node in a 4 walls uv object. Resolution of the project is 1:1 to match my uv.

There is a better way to do it? Camera rig? More layers? I tried with layer precomp also

I’m seeing like the equirectangular projection 2:1 is not fitting the screen and even I increase the “cube face resolution” on 360 camera, the content looks pixelated.

Any advice would be appreciated. I upload the project and uv pattern for you guys to have a look.



What are the dimensions of your LED walls?
What is the Resolution of your LED screens?

Hi! The resolution of the screen it’s bigger than uv texture but here it doesn’t matter, the output it’s not important even if the resolution is same as the texture, what it’s important is to know why in the project the content is pixelated even high resolution and big cube faces resolution. please have a look on the project I uploaded.

I actually couldn’t get the pixellation to go away when piping the render to texture into the material.

It does go away if you just view the scene with a normal camera which means you would have to use multiple cameras and Image 2d’s.

you can get your 360 view and you can arrange the image 2d’s in the same orientation as your UV shells.

Excuse me but what you are doing is a completely different project. The question was how to get clear content mapping 360 content in a 4 walls room. I can’t use normal cameras because the perspective view will never match the content even if you fit the camera with wall size. With normal cameras you can’t capture an object moving from wall to wall.

If you use 4 cameras and 4 image 2d’s you can still get a 4 wall setup without the pixellation of piping a 360 camera into a render to texture and then putting that into a material onto an obj.

The only thing that had to change was the skylight node. It was too heavy for the 4 cameras.

That’s all I got.

spline room multiple cameras.dfx (101.3 KB)

Hi! Thanks for your example but is not a solution.
Here you have 4 cameras and you just render each camera in a plane, there is not any UV or any 3d object to apply those cameras. Even if the output of each camera is matching with your UV/walls dimensions and you map it, it will not be continuity from one camera to another because this is what happens with perspective cameras.
Even though thanks for your reply and test, appreciated.