Will Notch work correctly with older models of RealSense camera?

Which versions of RealSense camera is supported by Notch? I planned to get this one:


But it is no doubt an older model; will this work with Notch?

Yes, the D400-series is supported through the Intel RealSense SDK (see the documentation). However, I’ll add that the Intel RealSense cameras are not exactly recommended in production environments.

From the manual:

The suitability of RealSense for production environments is entirely at your own risk. Internal and external user testing has highlighted significant issues in aligning operating system, driver and firmware versions. Driver management is extremely difficult with the device due to two paths of driver delivery (packaged in Windows 10 OS updates and separate driver downloads). We advise significant caution when considering this device for any production environment.

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Thanks so much! Yes, I’ve heard it’s not adapted for production environments, but this would be for a prototype/proof of concept, so it’s not important that it work perfectly.

I have used a couple of these in Notch. Also alongside a Azure camera. The quality of the generated mesh is better from the D345 then from the Azure imo.

What I would like to see is a way to get the spatial awareness of the D345i to drive a notch camera. That would unlock a lot of potential for these camera’s.