Vive Controllers buttons not all working

Hello. I think this is a bug but I’m not ruling out user error, but since I’m using a template to test, probably a bug.

Not all the button commands from the Vive controllers output when triggered.
(Non -functional) --> Index Trigger, Thumbstick X and Y, Button A. Button B
(Functional) --> Hand Trigger and all the transformation stuff works great.

Can be tested using the Template called “VR Controllers - HTC Vive”

To reproduce, launch above template with Vive system enable, activate headset like normal. Then select the various Channel Extractor objects chained off the VR Controller objects. The Hand Trigger one functions correctly and goes from a value of 0 to 1 when the sides of the controller are squeezed. All the other button related ones just stay at a value of 0 when activated.

I’m running the most current version of the Pro builder with a dongle. SteamVR is current. I’ve also tested the buttons in other development environments including TouchDesigner and Unity which function normally.

I’m not sure if perhaps the naming of these channels changed along the way and they are just not being routed correctly due to a name change and the Channel Extractor object isn’t really receiving certain buttons according to the pull down menu within the Channel Extractor object.

As always, thanks for the great work and support.


Upon further investigation, the Channel Extractors seem to be behaving normally, but are just not receiving any value other than 0 when hooked up to the VR Tracker object.

I hooked up some values to the VR Tracker via the inlets at the bottom of the object. The Channel Extractors responded to them correctly.

I suspect the problem lies in the VR Tracker object itself. It’s as iff the values aren’t being passed from the SteamVR/OpenVR API correctly anymore.

Hope that helps

Thanks for letting us know Stuart! I’ve made the product specialist team aware of the issue.

Cheers Bent

I held off on reporting this until now because I figured if it was a real bug and not a user error, many others would have run into it by now. Sorry I didn’t report earlier.

Hopefully it’s an easy fix and there was something that changed in the OpenVR API that broke certain buttons within Notch.

As always, thanks for the quick response.


Hi Bent

Any updates on this issue I’m having of not receiving any of the button commands except hand trigger (side squeeze) with the Vive Controllers ?

Did you confirm with your team that it’s a problem you guys are seeing as well?

Since I haven’t seen any other users posting that they also have the same issue with the Vive Controllers, it makes me consider again that it could be on my end somehow.

Even though they all work in TouchDesigner and Unity normally. Perhaps there is some hidden thing in the OpenVR Advanced Settings add-on or something else that is interfering on my setup with Notch.

If you could just let me know what you team discovered when they tested the Vive Controllers.

Thanks again


Hi stuart, I have had the same issue, so i thinks it might be a bug.

Hi Jaschasuess

Thanks for your reply which confirmed I shouldn’t be spending any time to troubleshoot this problem on my end.

Hopefully this bug will get sorted pretty soon since it affects some primary stuff with the ViveVR, especially that index trigger button.

I am looking forward to their next major release .9.2.4, which is supposed to contain support for the Kinect Azure sensor.

Thanks again for the conformation of the bug. It is appreciated


HI Bent

Any progress on this? I spent some time trying to sort it out. I’m guessing it has to do with when SteamVR added the new parameter binding system. I tried changing some things in there with the same results. Only the Hand Grip buttons work.

Perhaps I can run an older version of SteamVR but would prefer not to.