Trigger Values without send off

I’m having to make an interactive text sequence based on a series of incoming midi notes triggering lines of text within the CSV/Table Entry As Text node.
The idea being for example, Note 23 triggers line 12, Note 24 line 33. I’m struggling to work out how to stop the table array defaulting to 0 after the midi note is released (the line of text needs to stay until the next random note is triggered). I was also testing it with the keyboard modifier but I kept having the same problem.
I feel the answer is staring me in the face but I can’t see it!

got an example? do you basically need a button to be pressed, read the value, and hold that value until another button is pressed? i think there is a bin for that - radio buttons or something.

– Ryan

Thanks for the tip Ryan, but I’m still struggling to make it work. I’ve attached a quick example - The idea being when a midi note is triggered the associated text stays on the screen until the next midi note.
temp.dfx (79.5 KB)