Logic for toggle button with MIDI input

I am stuck on some really simple logic here, I am trying to get a toggle output (0 and 1) triggered by MIDI output and am wondering if there is any good way to do it.
I press a button on the MIDI to trigger an envelope which sends 1 but when I release it goes back to 0.

Sorry, silly question. I just had to change the MIDI devices button behavior.
I’d still be interested in knowing how to do this however.

Something I’ve seen in TouchDesigner is using a CHOP, set it’s limit to loop min/max, and set min to 0 and max to 1.

Sorry, thats not possible atm. We are aware of the issue tho and will be looking at it sometime in the future!


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Any new solution for a MIDI boolean / toggle (apart from patching the MIDI controller)?

What would be a simple Notch logic setup for that case? In Touch it is fairly easy… Thanks!