Standalone Resource Filepaths


I have a project that I am exporting as a standalone aplication and I have 3 movie files. I would like to locate them in an “Assets” folder and not embed inbto the standalone application.

Is there some information on how Notch Standalone applications deal with filepaths when moving the aplication from my Builder machine to the playback machine?

Are the file paths relative to the location of the application or are they absolute?

Curently it doesnt seem to work which leads me to think they are aboslute as i am copying the whole folder structure and all i get is a white square instead of the actual file play when activated.



Ok so I got it to work. It seems to be absolute paths so it works if I put the media on the C: drive of my builder machine as well as on my playback machine.

My problem is that I would like to have all the media on an SSD on the playback machine (c: drive is a HDD) so a relative path to the standalone application file would be preferred. The builder machine does not have d: drive.

A possible feature request would be to have the option to use relative file paths instead of absolute.

This was handled directly in our support, but just to follow up here :-

Currently standalone only supports absolute file paths (as it looks like you have worked out), so you need to make sure the files are in a particular file location that the standalone block is expecting them. I’m talking to the dev team about what can be done about this in future, but for now, you either need to have a separate drive already local with the same file path as you will on your playback machine, or load the project on the playback machine and re-connect the resources to the new directories, then export.

– Ryan

Yes I experimented with mounting a bogus network drive (actually my local assets folder) as a d drive on my laptop and then exported the standalone. This meant the path was “correct” when running in the playback machine. So it’s a workaround we can use.

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