Running Javascript inside of Disguise

Hey people,

we’re trying to use some javascript inside of a notch block running in Disguise Media Servers. But it doesn’t run at all. Is this even possible?



Hi Patrick,

Yes, Javascript does run inside of Disguise.

I assume that your JS code works OK in Notch builder?

Could you try the exported block in our block player (FXPlayerHostD3D11_x64.exe) to see if it’s OK there too?

Would you be able to provide us the version of Notch your using, the Disguise version, and a project that demonstrates the issue? You can use our support form here (Notch - CONTACT US - if you prefer not to share your project on this forum.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hey Tom,

thanks for the fast reply. With the information that it should be possible and some more tinkering we got it running. And sorry for the late reply, i was busy writing some javascript :nerd_face:


Glad to hear it’s now working. I’m curious to know what the issue was, especially if it helps other users who run into similar issues.