RNG trigger of a preset pool of numbers

Hi everywone.
I am working on a project where I want to have the user press a button and get a “reward drop”. I want to have 5 different reward rarities ofcourse with different “drop rates”. But also I want to have unique “legendary drop” where when one user picks up an item it gets crossed of a list so it can’t drop again.
Any ideas of how i should go about doing that?


Your best bet here is probably with Javascript. I’d make a CSV loot table, with an index for each object, and all the meta data your looking for.

Then use Javascript to build up an array from the csv elements, then just pull a random entry from the array and output its index, removing it from the array once your done.

Depending on what you actually want to do once you know which entry you have your options wider here. The index should be enough to do whatever you need to do.

– Ryan

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