Reaction-Diffusion Triggering / Initialization

Hey all, does anybody know if there’s a way to trigger the start of a procedural reaction-diffusion sequence? I see that the node can start on a specific frame in the timeline, but is there a non-linear way to control when the seed sequence starts?

Currently this node can only be activated by the time line - one possible option would be to limit the effect to a small area, then change the distance offset so its not visible, and the snap the value back to 0 so it appears. that, or just change the visibility on the procedural meshing node - it depends on how your system is set up.

– Ryan

Thanks for the suggestions @ryan.notch - will try that first approach see what it looks like. Was trying to delay the sequence based on the threshold of a modifier (it’s tired to music). More specifically, trying to add new seeds to the system based on some audio peaks.

It depends on the look you want to achieve, but if the new blob overlaps an already seeded blob it will grow into it and keep the seed. Then you can move the new blob away from the old one.

This is super helpful, thank you so much for the suggestion.

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