Possible to use Xsens live streaming with Notch Trial?

Hi, I’ve tried Notch Trial to see how Xsens live stram works in Notch trial.
It doesn’t seem to be working. Motion builder and Maya is working well with Xsens streaming data but Notch Trial doesn’t work.

Hi there,

XSens streaming does work in Notch Trial. I just tried it here with Notch Trial and it worked fine.

I ran the XSens Animate application, loaded one of their test .mvn files, then clicked on Options->Network Streamer and added a stream. In my Notch scene I matched up the server address and port in the Xsens node and hit Play. My mesh in Notch animated in the same way as in the XSens app.

What precisely didn’t work for you? Was it able to make a connection? Was the mesh broken?