Nvidia face tracking

I’d like to live puppet more than one face objects from more than one feed, but it looks like I can use only one instance of face tracker at a time. Is this the case?

I’m piping in a couple of video input sources and would like to live animate multiple characters. Would having a multiple GPU setup help this? Is the only way to make this happen to have multiple PC’s running Notch?

If this is a current limitation on one instance of Notch, are there any plans to rectify it in the future?

My one puppet looks great and runs smooth. So little latency!

(Rtx 2080ti, AMD 2950x)


@mason_ross I’m pretty sure I read on the face tracker manual that you can only use one instance of face tracker at a time.

I’m pretty new to notch and am trying to puppet a FBX head that has a skeletal structure & weight paint. Do you know where I can find any resources on how to hook up the extractor modifier from the face tracker to the bones of the 3D head to puppet the mouth?

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