NDI Output

Hi there,

I am looking for some information on how to OUTPUT Notch realtime content to NDI.

The ‘Video In’ section of the ‘Project Settings’ has options to send to Spout and NDI, but the NDI checkbox is unckecked after re-opening the settings.

I have been able to use a Spout-to-NDI workaround, though.

Many thanks,

Hey Mathias,

Have you enabled Send to NDI in the Devices > Video In Settings?



Yes, thats what I did.
After I click OK and open the ‘Project Settings’ again the box is unchecked.

I have the NDI toolkit installed.


Mathias, there’s TWO locations it can be check marked. When I try to check mark the box in the Project Settings, mine too usually unchecks itself. However, if you go to Devices - VideoIn/Camera/Kinect, that one works for me.

Thanks, Brandon!
That works