Multicam Export Workflow - Cube

Dear all,

hope my question is not to stupid but
I wanted to ask for your help.

I wanted to use the multicam Node to export
4 sides of a cube with different textures changed by kinect skeleton position data and send those textures through
Spout to Touchdesigner.

I can’t achieve a performant good looking result
with Notch Base Subscription and would be ready to
switch to Notch Pro but my Touchdesigner Commercial Edition does not support more than 1080p resolution Notch Blocks.

Is there another way of a live export of multiples Camera views in Notch?

Thank you very much for your help in advance :slight_smile:

It would be easier to understand if you could upload a dfx, but on the surface I’m not sure why it would be so computationally expensive. I would suggest you check the profiler to see which nodes are most expensive, and remove or reduce certain properties. it’s also worth noting if you are rendering a 4k scene, things like deferred rendering can get quite expensive to calculate per frame. so you may have to bake a lot of stuff or lose some particularly expensive effects.

– Ryan