Holographic projection FG/BG rendering methods


I’m working with a holographic light projection rig consisting of a large rear projection screen as the background and a large front projection scrim as the foreground. I’ve made a swirling particle cloud visual to test the look of a cohesive holographic effect, and it seems to work ok. I’ve linked a video of my method below, showing the irl effect with a performer, my setup in notch, and the fg and bg renders.

However, the irl viewing window is very limited and would not work for an audience. Your head has to be in the exact right spot for the fg and bg views to line up correctly, and with a crowd of more than one person, there is no way for it to line up for even a fraction of them. I’m thinking if I could feather the black plane that I’m using to mask the bg (possibly by using an image plane instead of shape 3d plane?) and then feather the edges of the bg render, it could help soften the viewing angle a bit. I also will be minimizing the space between fg and bg screens, but a performer still needs to fit between so this solution is limited.

I’m wondering if anyone else has developed other methods for this type of effect? Can you share how you approached it, and if it works for larger audiences?

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