Grouping nodes and saving dissapears nodes

Hi everyone. I recently made a group of 3 nodes - a mesh emitter, geometry connector and a curl noise affector. I saved the project and a few days later when i got back to it the group looked closed image
But when i double clicked on it
it looks like an empty group opening and closing. Also it looks like it has connections to the particle root and so on, but the entire geometry connector effect is missing when previewing the particle system.
Anyone ever stumbled on something like that? I have also had issues with other project files when saving.
I had a project file with a prerecorded kinect capture just refuse to work - it is only one layer of the project file that is totaly glitched. When i try risplaying handles and ground plane it changes nothing in that layer - it just looks black. Tried deleting the kinect nodes thinking that that might be the problem - nothing changes. Tried placing a fresh new shape 3d node - nothing is displayed.

That all sounds pretty unusual, so i;d be curious to see what changed. do you happen to have a dfx of the group before and after the change? Are you sure your double click to open is actually opening the group?

– Ryan

Hi i can upload the files in a few days, for now I just refrain from using groups. I tried several times double clicking on the group node and it animates as if it is opening , but it just has no border and nodes inside.
Also ungrouping it just deletes it and nothing is left behind.