Feature Requests

Can you modify the ‘Profiler’ and ‘Exposed’ view so that it can be undocked or at least extend horizontally, names are cut off by the locked window size.

Also is there a way to input a LeapMotion device?

Thanks Brandon.

We’ve logged your request around Profiler and Exposed window size/docking.

At present, LeapMotion is not supported. As yet, there has not been significant demand for it – but people can feel to shout out about their demand and how they plan on using LeapMotion it.

A node that could be useful is a switch node, where the user could specify a number of inputs to be switched, and a number would specify which input was passed to the output. A multiplexer, essentially.

Seconding this Switch node request! Would be very helpful.

A Math modifier with inputs for fixed low/high values would be fantastic, at least for a lighting designer. I am justed to make lighting- and video effects in GrandMA2 consoles that way.

  • Axel: you can use a Range Remap modifier or a Limiter Modifier and feed the math modifier into this to achieve it…
  • I like the idea of a switch node! We will look at adding that.
  • The profiler / exposed window is now expandable to the left.

– I like the idea of a switch node! We will look at adding that.

I did, and added it. Good idea…

Multiple spout output like NDI output will be super useful

The possibility to move all the buttons for Jump to start of layer till Jump to end of layer, they often are covered by the nodegraph menu

It will be useful to add some parameters to Camera.
Like Focal Length in mm and Aperture , it will work with the current FOV.
It will help to parameter a real camera device input capture.
I was surprise when i try to create the same camera placement as Houdini, in houdini there is no FOV Parameter…
Here a little copy paste of different Camera parameters, Houdini Unreal TD, C4d is the best all parameters are interconnected.
Thanks !

Yeh wider camera controls are on the to do list, each camera parameter does have a reason for use but we do want to expand on these controls in future.

– Ryan

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