[Feature Request] Resource Subfolders

Would be helpful to add folders inside of folders in the Resources panel. For example, my ideal structure goes something like:

  • 3D
    – FBX
    – C4D
    – ABC
  • Textures
    – HDR
    – MaterialName (for PBR)
    – Photos/Misc
  • Sequences
  • Videos
    – Imports
    – Renders
  • Misc

And while on the topic of the Resources panel, Del key on keyboard should absolutely prompt to delete selected asset(s) or folder(s). If it works in the Nodegraph, it ought to work in the Resources panel as well.

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We’re looking at a new asset management system so sub folders are going to be integral to that. We’ll keep you all posted as it develops.

— Ryan

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Sorry to jump on this but a related request: can I please request that when adding to the Bins (if your overhaul doesn’t already cover this) we can choose from a dropdown of existing folders or to create a new one, instead typing the folder name each time.

Thanks for all your hard work.

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It’s a pretty deep overhaul, but we’ll make sure situations like that aren’t carried over :slight_smile:

– Ryan

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