[Feature Request] Frame progress on Clone Cache baking

Would be useful to see any sort of progress indicator while baking a Clone Cache. For more complex scenes, it’s difficult to gauge an ETA.

I’m also quite curious that baking uses the GPU:

This is different from the typical CPU bakes in C4D/etc. Is there an actual render of the scene going on, or are the particles GPU based? Seems like my bake took about 10 min or so for a 1k particle system that’s 60 seconds long on a 2080ti, does that sound about right? Can provide the dfx if desired.

Notch is heavily GPU based, so you should typically expect most process to impact the GPU most and the CPU minimally.

A progress bar would be useful here, I’ll talk to the team about how feasible this is.

All that said, that bake seems unusually slow. it’s possible that you have a particularly heavy particle system, but that doesn’t sound like the case on the surface. send the project to support@notch.one, and we can take a look.

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@dylanroscover Particles are instanced on the GPU, yes. Baking differs from a regular render in that it firsts has to simulate on the GPU and then use the CPU to transform this and write the results to disk. As @ryan.notch mentioned, that bake intuitively feels long, so I’d provide the DFX to let the support team see if something fishy is going on. You should also provide the log file which will have date/time stamps of the bake for verification.

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i second this feature of progress bars, i also requested it for field cacheing, and would like it for baking lights as well :stuck_out_tongue: - PLEASE :slight_smile:

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