Feature Request - Confirm prompt when exporting video of same name

Hi Captains,

In a future update is it possible to get a confirm window to pop up when exporting video if the file name has already been used?
This is totally my fault, but I have, multiple times, saved over the last file I rendered when using the Ctrl Shift M shortcut output renderer as even though it was a new layer, it defaults to the last exported video file name.
A pop up asking “are you sure you wish to overwrite this file of the same name” would be super awesome.
Totally understand if this is absolutely not a priority, but if there is a possibility, however it would greatly assist in my neighbours kids not learning new swear words in the middle of the night when i overwrite a video.



Hi Marchie,

I have put this on the feature request list.

many thanks


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+1 to overwrite confirmation dialog. I’ve noticed that Export Video will overwrite frame sequences, too.

This was added back in June:

  • [UI] Updated the Export Video window to warn if you are overwriting an existing output file.

I overwrote three files this morning with no warning dialog:

I attempted to do a screen recording of the issue just now, however Notch is appending a . to my filenames:

Is this intended behavior?

Thanks for the report, you’ve helped us uncover an issue in the video export dialog (the double dot/period) which is fixed for a future release. The image sequences being overwritten is another thing that’s on our radar and will be addressed as well. For now, you’ll need to be cognizant of the issue and work around it.

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