[Feature Request] Automatically connect new nodes to root

Seems that >90% of the time we end up connecting nodes to their respective root or the scene root. Ctrl-R makes this a tad bit quicker, but it’s still highly repetitive.

  1. Automatically connecting each node when it is added to the graph would save a lot of time. To make it a bit more robust, similar to Maxon’s implementation of adding objects to their heirarchy with Shift / Alt keys, a pressed key could likewise toggle the functionality. For example, holding the Alt key while adding a node could invoke either the connected-or-disconnected-to-root state.

  2. An alternative approach: if a Particle Root is selected in the Nodegraph, adding a particle-type node would automatically connect it to that root. Likewise for other node families, cameras + fx, etc.

Just looking for ways to optimize the node connection methodology here, and ultimately increase user productivity. In TouchDesigner, it’s quite effective to right click on a node’s input/output and connect it directly. And the https://cables.gl website has an incredibly brilliant and innovative UX for wiring nodes together.

Re - 2. CTRL + R connects node to closest appropriate root, so if you are dropping particle effector it will connect to closest particle Root.

Yes @arminas-kazlauskas, that’s a nifty feature I’ve noticed. Ctrl-R is definitely helpful. I’m hoping in the future I could hold down Alt key while dropping a node to automatically connect it to the nearest root – I hope that makes sense.

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