[Feature Request] - Change colour of individual connecting lines on node graph

Hey Captains,

Quick feature request, is it possible in a future release to add the ability to change the colour of the connecting lines between nodes on the node graph? Would make following the flow a heap easier in some messier graphs if you could right click on a connecting line and say make it red, and another one green etc.

When organising graphs sometime the lines sit on top of each other so this would make tracing a path easier when zoomed out and not actively hovering over the connection.

Totally cool if this is not something worth prioritising, just an idea late at night while I stare at my spaghetti.

Merry New Holiday Stuff!


Just wanted to chime in - I would definitely use this feature if added. I would also love to be able to change the color of node groups. Especially as I tend to duplicate groups a lot.


This is a very interesting feature request. It speaks volumes (well, technically planes) to how the Nodegraph can become quickly cluttered, even in moderately simple scenes.

Iā€™m curious if colour-coding lines by the node type (Particles, Procedural, etc.) would assist as a default option?

There are several features in-flight for our major UI update that addresses the concerns in this thread; however, the implementation might not necessarily be the same as requested, for good reasons. :slight_smile: