Electric arc effect?

Hi, guys.
I’m trying to create an electric arc effect. The Lines geo node with a couple of Null objects as start and end points + reasonable subdivision + Distortion deformer with Order set to After Subdivision seems an obvious choice. However this combo doesn’t work. The deformer distorts positions of the null objects (even with Subdivision Order set to After Subdivision) and doesn’t affect the vertices (presumably) created by subdividing the line from within the Lines node. Is it supposed to? Any ideas? Any other options?
Thank you.

Hi All,
Seems like tessellation doesn’t work for the Lines object. Looks like there’s a bug here. Could anyone confirm?
Thank you.

Hi Andrei,
will look into it.

Many thanks for that, Matt. If it’s a bug I will be super happy to see it fixed in the next release! :slight_smile: