Display extents/bounds?

Hello, i’m trying to follow this tutorial: Notch Tutorials - Field Affector - YouTube
At 9:50, Kev adds a Velocity Affector and the radius is actually visible in the viewport.
For me, it’s not visible. How do I turn this on/off? Searched everywhere…

thanks in advance!

Make sure the Range indicator (RNG) button is checked.

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thanks, but that doesn’t seem to be the whole story.

When i watch some videos, the iconography changes depending on which node is selected (ie, shows radius, or bounding box extents etc.). This doesn’t do that…thanks!

ps. I’m aware of the BB button for bounding box, but this seems to be all nodes.

Different nodes have different features. If the node doesn’t have or require a bounding box, none will be shown. If a node has different ranges (like Affectors, who might have inner and outer bounds), then those will be shown. The default is to not show nodes or handles while playing btw.