Crowd Simulation In Notch

Is it possible to do a crowd sim in notch using a list of pre-determined models (in the thousands) or customizing models from a list of features (in the thousands) the features would be applied to each model but the models themselves wouldn’t have thousands of features maybe just 4-5 each

Essentially I want a large number of people with specific customization either through models or from a pre-determined list of features also ability to customize animations

How would I go about doing this is this even possible

We don’t have crowd simulation tools - you could potentially emulate it in part through some complex setups, but it wouldn’t scale nicely to an “in the thousands” scenario.

I’d suggest doing the sim in another tool and importing it back into Notch, although that would probably be a pretty heavy export so I’m not sure how viable this is either.

– Ryan

I think Depence2 can do something like this. I haven’t had the time to sit down with it after Covid, but it was something featured in the demo at least.