Countdown howto or xpresso support

I want to create a dynamic countdown by either using javascript to drive a text node or import from c4d xpresso.
Is this possible and if so which would be the way to proceed?


You cant use xpresso, but you could do it with Java, however Notch has a bunch of tool locally, I would suggest to give that a shot.

Here is a small sample of countdown
CountDownToTime.dfx (78.8 KB)

Thank you @arminas-kazlauskas

It helped me understand these tools better though I’m looking to add logic of removing the minutes and separator when 0 and changing colour and size the last 10 seconds, trigger a clip at 0 etc.

Any possibility you could guide me on the conditional logic of removing extra 0s and separator when not needed? Still a lot to learn within notch :wink: